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Gazelle Intensity or Jack*** Decisionmaking?

May 15th, 2008 at 05:04 am

Trying to keep it clean and family-oriented. Smile

So, I am ending out my current apprenticeship at the Guild, and my Guildmaster has recommended that I spend my summer in the dungeons assisting the Potions Master, instead of in the Guildhall.

This is good, because lowly apprentices have to pay Guild fees, but lowly assistants just have to scrub cauldrons, and pay labor for trade. Also, it may put me line for a senior apprenticeship, which may mean that I have to cut my hours at the Forum.

Also, there's been some trouble back at home, and I think that sooner or later, I may need to start sending some $$ there.

So the concept of cutting costs is really in my mind lately. One option is to go back to the Souk for the summer, but I wanted to spend this time preparing for the

Text is Imperial Examinations and Link is
Imperial Examinations and working will take away from that.

The second option...may be good or not. Currently, I live alone, and I pay base-bottom rent. But there are some other apprentices in my neighborhood who are looking for someone to share a home, and this would cut my costs by about 200.00/month. The downside: I don't know these people, I'd probably have to move again in a year and, parking is a total nightmare.

But, that extra 2400/year would be a nice buffer to send to the 'rents and/or a tidy way to pay off my debts sooner. Or it could be just enough for bail money for when I strangle the person who eats the last of my Frosted Sugar Squirrels.

I know, I rarely post anymore...but any thoughts? Take the plunge or keep my sanity?

3 Responses to “Gazelle Intensity or Jack*** Decisionmaking?”

  1. Petunia Says:

    Well. . . I'll admit I had to work a little to decode your post. Smile "Keep sanity" would be my recommendation. I've had unpleasant roommates, and it's really an unpleasant situation to want to go home and relax. . . and know you can't.

  2. baselle Says:

    Its tough living in shared housing with people you don't know. You'd definitely need an inner sanctum, and often, if the four walls of your little room close in, you'll be spending even more money because going out and about to get away from the gang costs bucks. Sanity is precious. Smile

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    so good to hear from you! i missed you funny posts.

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