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Preliminary Calculations

July 29th, 2007 at 04:20 pm

So Iíve reworked my budget (to December), and Iíve tried to be realistic with the amounts I have for each category. Iíll have to do it for at least a month to see if Iím on target, but I think that Iíve come close to what Iím likely to spend. I gave myself some cushion in groceries and also entertainment, but eliminated the amounts for the e-fund for now.

I also tried to anticipate the things Iíll probably need by the winter. Some I can get used, like a coat, and jeans. But others, like shoes and a comforter Iíll get new (my apartment is FREEZING at night in the winter, and used bedding just seems icky to me.)

It looks like if I follow this plan, it will free up some money to apply to my debts. If I decide to take additional shifts at the Souk, Iíll be able to earn more, but Iím not counting that as part of the total figure, because Iím still on the fence about working so much while in the Guild.

One major change was that I removed the savings for a new computer. Having one would greatly help (now, I just have access to one, but I donít own it) but unless I can get some $$ from the Guild, Iíd like to hold out for a little while longer. Iíd definitely consider getting a used one, if I could trust the source, but I donít know anyone personally whoís selling.

Potential pitfalls:

Christmas, groceries (eating out because I didnít pack food.)

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