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June 15th, 2007 at 02:07 pm

Ok, so I've done a bit more homework, and have concluded that, in spite of major advances in computing, finding a hardiness map that shows my precise location is really difficult. I can see my state, but I'm at the border between two zones and when I search for average yearly temps, I get values that don't jive with what I remember from last year.

So here's the rundown on my climate here:

long winters, with frost as late as April and as early as October. Typically a heavy snowfall, with low temps (including windchill) around -5. In the summer, highs in the 90's. The area is very fertile and green, so I think I'm in zone 5b.

Also, my mom tells me to stop using the little peat pots -- she says that it's not a renewable resource, and I should consider it like oil: once gone, not replaced. So I'm getting some vegetable compost (not quite on board with the manure just yet)and topsoil and starting seed in little

Text is newspaper pots and Link is
newspaper pots.

I actually have some biodegradable coffee bags (when you buy it by the pound) so I used a few to put my basil seedlings in there. I also used some carry-out containers for the smaller seedlings.

To justify the cost, I'm not allowed to eat out (after today, as I forgot a lunch) as a substitute for cooking at home. If I'm meeting friends, that's ok, but for a day to day basis, I'm not going to spend the $$. This eases my mind a little about the cost of the dirt.

It's been a lot of fun reading about the different gardens. Here's some of the sites I really like:

Text is You Grow Girl and Link is
You Grow Girl I love this site.
Text is Victory Seeds and Link is
Victory Seeds (I got some seeds from them, but haven't tried them yet)
Text is Seed Savers and Link is
Seed Savers (haven't bought, but like the site)

2 Responses to “Learning more”

  1. fern Says:

    your mom's right about peat moss. As i understand, the conditions to grow it have to be just right (think boggy swamps of Scotland), and it takes many hundreds of years.

    I like your colors by the way

  2. baselle Says:

    Don't feel bad, its tricky judging gardening zones these days - global warming means the 5b now is not the 5b of a few years ago. But you've given me a good idea of your growing season and your high temps. You zone means you'll have better luck growing a good tomato than I will. Smile When you have trouble going to sleep because its too hot, its perfect for tomatoes. Its a teeny consolation.

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