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Learning more

June 15th, 2007 at 07:07 am

Ok, so I've done a bit more homework, and have concluded that, in spite of major advances in computing, finding a hardiness map that shows my precise location is really difficult. I can see my state, but I'm at the border between two zones and when I search for average yearly temps, I get values that don't jive with what I remember from last year.

So here's the rundown on my climate here:

long winters, with frost as late as April and as early as October. Typically a heavy snowfall, with low temps (including windchill) around -5. In the summer, highs in the 90's. The area is very fertile and green, so I think I'm in zone 5b.

Also, my mom tells me to stop using the little peat pots -- she says that it's not a renewable resource, and I should consider it like oil: once gone, not replaced. So I'm getting some vegetable compost (not quite on board with the manure just yet)and topsoil and starting seed in little newspaper pots.

I actually have some biodegradable coffee bags (when you buy it by the pound) so I used a few to put my basil seedlings in there. I also used some carry-out containers for the smaller seedlings.

To justify the cost, I'm not allowed to eat out (after today, as I forgot a lunch) as a substitute for cooking at home. If I'm meeting friends, that's ok, but for a day to day basis, I'm not going to spend the $$. This eases my mind a little about the cost of the dirt.

It's been a lot of fun reading about the different gardens. Here's some of the sites I really like:

You Grow Girl I love this site.
Victory Seeds (I got some seeds from them, but haven't tried them yet)
Seed Savers (haven't bought, but like the site)

2 Responses to “Learning more”

  1. fern Says:

    your mom's right about peat moss. As i understand, the conditions to grow it have to be just right (think boggy swamps of Scotland), and it takes many hundreds of years.

    I like your colors by the way

  2. baselle Says:

    Don't feel bad, its tricky judging gardening zones these days - global warming means the 5b now is not the 5b of a few years ago. But you've given me a good idea of your growing season and your high temps. You zone means you'll have better luck growing a good tomato than I will. Smile When you have trouble going to sleep because its too hot, its perfect for tomatoes. Its a teeny consolation.

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